Purest quality extracts

Pure high quality extract from PSI’s CO2 extractors

  1. What is a Supercritical CO2 oil extractor?
    A Supercritical CO2 Extractor is equipment that uses high-pressure CO2 to extract essential oils, lipids, and other compounds from numerous plant species.
  2. How does a supercritical CO2 extractor work?
    The CO2 is pumped into a chamber filled with plant material. Under pressure and proper temperature, the CO2 permeates the plant material surrounding and trapping the desired product. The CO2 and extracted compounds are then separated. Our equipment employs the latest advancements in separation methods and are designed for speed and high purity extraction.
  3. How does Supercritical CO2 compare to other methods of extraction?
    CO2 extraction is among the safest methods of extractions and leaves no residual solvents. Other methods including butane, hexane, or ethanol, can be very dangerous, harmful to the environment, and may leave residue and impurities in the finished product. The cost of meeting regulatory standards can be significant. Using any model of our CO2 extractors is safer and produces highly concentrated pure extracts.
  4.  How do our CO2 Extractors work?
    Our CO2 extractors use familiar CO2 technology added with our industry-changing innovations. The patent pending system extracts and purifies leaving an end product that is higher and concentration and stability. The system utilizes dual chamber to allow for non-stop production. Chamber are easily accessible by hand, and the reloading process is quick and easy.The used plant material is easily removed by air pressure which pushes the material into the waste vessel.
  5. What is the process used to obtain the highest quality product and how does this system increase production and quality?
    CO2 Extractors are designed for continuous non-stop operation by reloading the extraction chambers without having to decompress the system. The chambers are hand tightened and accessible without tools. The patent-pending collection chamber allows for faster flow rates and purifies the extract so you don’t have to.